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Balkat's 3D Approach

Balkat provides a full service encompassing all aspects of branding. We are equipped to handle any branding need - be it digital or physical.


Not only graphically, we design bespoke strategies and solutions for every client's branding needs.


Perfect strategies are nothing without execution. We continually craft and refine real solutions for real market needs.


Balkat delivers timely and tangible results that grows businesses and help clients reach their target market efficiently.

See Our Approach at Work

We use creativity, design, branding and business focus to help our clients to not only strengthen their brand assets.

A modern website for A modern corporation

PT Otsuka Indonesia is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor in Indonesia with over 50 years of experience. As a joint venture of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan, the company has a significant market presence and is well-known in the medical community.

The Complete Branding Package

Cawang AC Pro is a national air conditioner manufacturer, a subsidiary of Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia. As a brand, Cawang AC Pro is marketed as a wholly local product, with over 60 years of history since its establishment by the entrepreneur Thayeb Mohammad Gobel.

Joining the Mix with an Interactive Website

Mixmax is one of Indonesia's few locally-made alcoholic beverage brand, a product of Orang Tua Group, a major consumer goods manufacturer and distributor in Indonesia. Mixmax has a wide array of products, including multiple flavors of vodka mix and a coke-and-whiskey beverage.

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