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Brands and Football Sponsorships

Brands and Football Sponsorships

Why brands pay big money to sponsor our weeknight entertainment.

Score three for the sponsors.


Project Manager, Balkat

Jakarta, 2023-02-13 16:53:47

Football is the biggest sport in the world. Football supporters have a huge demand for this British sport, both in television or directly in football stadiums to support their favourite teams. It's not surprising then that huge amounts of capital are invested in this sport, especially by brands that are willing spend big to promote their products.

The question is; why would brands pay big money to sponsor of a football club?

In a football competition, such as the English Premier League, every match is watched by millions of fans from various countries. Most of the matches will be broadcast on television channels around the world, and numerous media are available in broadcasted matches for product promotion. Everything from club jerseys to electronic boards on the sidelines will be seen by people from all over the world.

That is why, if a brand becomes the main sponsor of a football club, for example, Manchester United, then in every match in which Manchester United runs, the logo of their product will always be displayed and can be seen from various parts of the world. Therefore, brands often spend a premium to become the main sponsor of a football club. Brand awareness will increase rapidly for their products, because everyone who watches a football match will automatically see the brand logo or products displayed on television without having to pay additional money for advertising on television stations.

Another reason for this is that a brand logo on a European football club jersey will often become iconic. In conversations between football fans, the question "Do you remember the Manchester United jersey for the 2008-2009 season?" is often heard. From there, most of the main answers were the name of the brand that was currently sponsoring Manchester United.

The conclusion is that advertising in sports, especially football, will be very profitable investment for a brand, because public awareness of the brand could be formed quickly and lasts for a lifetime.

Brands and Football Sponsorships

Why brands pay big money to sponsor our weeknight entertainment.

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