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The Jewels of Marketing Campaigns

The Jewels of Marketing Campaigns

The maturity of a brand is reflected through its marketing campaigns.

In the modern market, marketing campaigns decide the fate of products and services.


Project Manager, Balkat

Jakarta, 2023-02-15 16:49:52

When building a business or brand, it’s necessary formulate a strategy that can boost brand awareness and drive the brand’s success. One way to implement this strategy is to create a marketing campaign that will make your business or brand more recognizable in the future.

Marketing campaigns are very diverse, with both online and offline approaches. Regardless of the form, marketing campaigns are designed not only to increase brand awareness but also for numerous other purposes, including strengthening brand image, improving sales, creating loyalty from consumers, and generating new prospects or leads. Therefore, marketing campaigns should be created with the utmost care to be in line with the brand’s goals and so they can help the brand achieve its targets.

There are a few examples of local brands that have successfully implemented a marketing campaign for their products, including:


Campaign: Beauty Moves You

Wardah is a beauty brand and is successful in running the marketing campaign 'Beauty Moves You'. The purpose of its campaign is to invite people to care more about the environment. In the campaign, Wardah made a breakthrough by launching a beauty product with the concept of green beauty innovation, meaning that beauty must provide benefits to the environment and even the world.


Campaign: Selalu Ada Selalu Bisa

An original Indonesian marketplace, Tokopedia created a marketing campaign entitled 'Selalu Ada Selalu Bisa'. The purpose of the campaign is to introduce the many new features in its mobile application, where users can easily pay various bills. In this marketing campaign, Tokopedia recruited the famous South Korean bands Blackpink and BTS. Their active online and offline presence helps Tokopedia in improving public awareness of their products and services.


Campaign: Empty Plate Packaging

An instant noodle brand, Indomie has made a breakthrough that is new and different from its competitors. In a campaign devoted to the month of Ramadan, Indomie revealed a new look in its packaging, where there is an image of an empty plate. With the empty plate packaging campaign, Indomie received a high level of awareness from the public, and the campaign also went viral on Twitter.

From these campaigns, we can see that if executed properly and with clear objectives, a marketing campaign will greatly affect a brand.

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The Jewels of Marketing Campaigns

The maturity of a brand is reflected through its marketing campaigns.